Pro-Mini Cyclers

Available in multiple capacity and compartment configurations, Pro-Tainer’s mini-cyclers are a great addition for stationary recycling.  Recycled materials are easily removed using the front doors. All mini-cyclers come with fork lift pockets for simple transportation.  With many choices of paint colors, these units look great all year round.

Pro-Mini 9yd Green Cardboard Cycler

Product Options

Perfect For:

  • City & Park Departments
  • Private Haulers
  • Schools
  • Military Bases
  • Parks
  • Building Complexes
  • Department Stores


  • Building Side or Island Models
  • 1 to 8 Compartments
  • 40 to 100 Gal. Capacities
  • Greaseable Hinges
  • Color Choices
  • Customization
  • Bear Proofing
  • Interior Carts Available
  • We Offer Cardboard Slots on our Mini-Cyclers


  • 96 Gallon Cart (not on cardboard units)
  • Graphic Wrap
  • Commodity Decals

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