Frequently Asked Questions

The wireless remote on my roll off trailer isn’t working

If your roll off trailer wireless remoted is not working, it can be ran manually.  To run manually, first open the engine cover.  Squeeze top and bottom half of knurled knobs to unlock manual operators […]

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Does Pro-Tainer have a dealer near me?

Pro-Tainer does not have dealers.  Our company is located in Alexandria, MN and sells manufacturing direct. We do offer shipping around the world.  Customers can also come to our facility and pick up their equipment.

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What is the difference between the Geneva roll off and Pro-Roll off?

Our Geneva line is an electric roll off trailer and uses a 12v volt hydraulic pump and drum winch system.  The Pro-Roll Off line is engine driven trailers, which have an engine-driven hydraulic and reeving […]

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Should I buy an electric or engine driven roll off trailer?

There are major differences between an Electric Driven and Engine Driven Roll Off Trailer. When deciding on a trailer, it’s important to think about the trailer’s function.  Electric driven are less expensive than their Engine […]

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How can I get more information?

We encourage people to call our office for information on our products.  We like talking about what we sell.  Our phone number is 800-248-7761.  We also can answer over email: We are in Central […]

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