Pro-Tainer Pro Front Load Container Delivery Trailer features and details

Introducing the Pro Front Load Container Delivery Trailer, your solution for efficient handling of empty front load containers. Equipped with advanced features and built for reliability, this trailer streamlines your waste management operations.

Ensure smooth operation by ensuring your battery is fully charged to provide the necessary 12 volts for hydraulic function. In case of pendant damage or malfunction, utilize the convenient override option for continued operation.

With the hydraulic pump utilizing ATF automatic transmission fluid, maintenance is simplified. Keep the hydraulic oil tank half full for optimal performance.

Featuring a 36-inch cylinder, this trailer effortlessly lowers and raises containers using lift arms. Safety is paramount, with a provided safety pin securing arms during transport, adjustable to either side.

Built for durability and convenience, the trailer boasts 14-inch tires, easy lube hubs, and electric brakes for enhanced control. Regular maintenance is recommended, including brake checks and bearing greasing at least once a year.

Equipped with LED taillights, clearance lights, and a lighted license plate bracket, visibility is maximized for safe operation day or night.

Upgrade your waste management fleet with the Pro Front Load Container Delivery Trailer. Contact us today for inquiries or to place your order.

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