Are Vinyl Decals Worth the Cost?

Everywhere we look there are billboards, trucks, buildings and even floors with custom graphics on them.  Over the years, it has become common business practice to letter vehicles and signs with a logo and phone number or website.

Why should recycling trailers or containers be treated differently?

The cost for this advertising will vary based on location and company choice.  Whenever pricing out vinyl decals or wraps ask some questions to make sure you are getting your moneys worth.  Make sure the vinyl being used is rated for outdoor use.  Also, ask the number of years the vinyl is rated for.  Will the vinyl be printed?  Is so, does the company plan on laminating to lengthen the color vibrancy and longevity?

There are many advertising benefits to custom vinyl decals and wraps.  Lets say you have recycling trailers placed around town.  Will the people recycling know what can be put in the trailer?  Will they know who to call if they have questions?  Letting people know what is accepted will hopefully keep unacceptable material from contaminating a recycling load.

Some other benefits include protection of the trailer or container.  A vinyl wrap adds an extra layer of protection against scratches and faded paint.  The sun can take a toll on paint and vinyl.  This is one reason printed vinyl should be laminated when being used for multiple years outdoors.

Not sure what you need?  Talk with a graphics company and get some ideas.  The cost may not be as bad as you think.

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