4 Ideas for Trailer Safety

Trailer safety is not only important for equipment longevity but it is also a factor in keeping the people around us safe.  It is critical to check your trailer often to ensure it is safe, operational, and  maintained for a long life.

  • Daily it is recommended to walk around your trailer checking lights, tires, and a general visual inspection for damaged or worn parts.
  • Depending on the type of trailer you have and how often you use it, the trailer may require more maintenance like greasing pivot points or moving parts. 
  • Many trailers require weekly or monthly greasing of moving parts.   At a minimum of once a year it is recommend to remove the tires from your trailer axles(s) and check your brakes for wear, adjustment, or replacement.  Greasing the axle bearings can also be done at this time. 
  • Most trailers come with a user’s manual or manuals for most added parts on the trailer that will explain maintenance and troubleshooting items.

 If you have questions, contact your trailer manufacturer.  They want you to get the most out of the equipment you purchased.

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