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Pro-Tilt Recycling Trailer

Pro-Tilt Recycling Trailer

If you need to haul refuse or recyclables that can be dumped, than the Pro-Tilt Trailer is the perfect solution for you.

The Pro-Tilt Trailer design is so versatile it provides options for recycling and construction.

Perfect for:

– Residential Collection
– Military Bases
– Parks & Campgrounds
– Corporate Campuses
– College Campuses
– Multi-Unit Apartments
– Drop & Collection Sites


– Handheld Controled Pump in Sealed Box
– 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Foot Configurations
– Single or Tandem Axle
– 1 to 6 Compartment Configurations
– Regrind Poly Lids
– Flush Mounted LED Lights
– Sandblasted, Primed & Painted

Optional Equipment:

– Gooseneck or Pintle Hitch
– Backup Alarm
– Strobe Light
– Side Cart Tipper
– Compactor
– No Roof
– Decals & Decal Wraps
– Paint Colors
– Cardboard Slots
– Spare Tire
– Bear Proofing
– Built-in Compactor

Pro-Tilt Recycling Trailer
Pro-Tilt Recycling Trailer
Pro-Tilt Recycling Trailer

It pulls really nicely and smoothly going down the road.  And I am  on the interstate almost every day, 65 mph.  It’s really easy to back up, and I back down some pretty long roads.  Love the little LED lights, especially the ones on the sides of the back of the trailer.

I like using the trailer because I get to deliver my roll off containers and recycling bins to new customers at the same time I pick up my current customers.  This helps to save a lot of time and money it would normally take to go out with a separate truck making my deliveries.

Karen Bills

Busy Bees Disposal