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Pro-Tilt Recycling Trailer

If you need to haul refuse or recyclables that can be dumped, than the Pro-Tilt Trailer is the perfect solution for you.

Pro-Tilt Trailer design is so versatile it provides options for recycling and construction. Contact us about our new Compactor Trailer with Cart Tipper.

The Pro-Tilt Recycling Trailer is Perfect for:

– Residential Collection
– Military Bases
– Parks & Campgrounds
– Corporate Campuses
– College Campuses
– Multi-Unit Apartments
– Drop & Collection Sites

Pro-Tilt Recycling Trailer


– Handheld Controled Pump in Sealed Box
– 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 Foot Configurations
– Single or Tandem Axle
– 1 to 6 Compartment Configurations
– Regrind Poly Lids
– Flush Mounted LED Lights
– Sandblasted, Primed & Painted

Optional Equipment

– Gooseneck or Pintle Hitch
– Backup Alarm
– Strobe Light
– Side Cart Tipper
– Compactor
– No Roof
– Decals & Decal Wraps
– Paint Colors
– Cardboard Slots
– Spare Tire
– Bear Proofing
– Built-in Compactor

Pro-Tilt Recycling Trailer
Pro-Tilt Recycling Trailer

All I can say is, I don’t ever want to go back to using the Pro-Gravity trailer.  This new one is so awesome.  It pulls really nice and smooth going down the road.  And I am  on the interstate almost every day, 65 mph.  Its really easy to back up, and I back down some pretty long roads.  Love the little LED lights, especially the ones on the sides of the back of the trailer.  Makes it real easy to pick up end of trailer when backing.  Everything has been working great.  I have used the cart tipper, its pretty fast.  The actual dumping of the trailer seems slow, but I understand its electric, my dump box on my truck is electric too.  It takes about 1.5 minutes to lift trailer up to dump, but that is nothing compared to the time and effort it takes to empty out the other trailer.

My back is feeling a lot better, thanks to not having to manually pull out recycling materials.  I like using the trailer, because I pull it with a 2500 dually with a dump box, and I get to deliver my roll ouff containers and recycling bins to new customers the same time I pick up my current customers.  This helps to save a lot of time and money it would normally take to go out with a separate truck making my deliveries.

Well, I really don’t have anything bad to report.  I know you are glad to hear that.  Thanks so much for everything.

Karen Bills

Busy Bees Disposal