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Pro-Gravity Recycling Trailer

Recycle with the Pro-Gravity Recycling Trailer.  This recycling trailer was the brainchild of owner Shane Schmidt.  Pro-Tainer has been in business for over 25 years and this trailer started it all.

Pro-Gravity Recycling Trailer
Pro-Gravity Recycling Trailer

Pro-Tainer designs each trailer for your recycling program.

Pro-Gravity Series Recycling Trailer is Perfect for:

– Residential Collection
– Military Bases
– Parks & Campgrounds
– Corporate Campuses
– College Campuses
– Multi-Unit Apartments
– Drop & Collection Sites

Make Pro-Tainer’s Pro-Gravity Series Recycling Trailers the center of your recycling program! With a tested design, quality recycled steel construction and easy loading & unloading, this series of Recycling Trailers make for efficient recyclable collection and management of post-consumer recyclables.

Available in multiple capacity and compartment configurations, the Pro-Gravity Series has standard models that match the needs of any recycling program – large or small.


– 9, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 yd Capacity
– Single or Tandem Axle
– Regrind Poly Lids
– Flush Mount LED Lights
– Sandblasted, Primed & Painted

Optional Equipment

– Cardboard Slots
– Gooseneck or Pintle Hitch
– Backup Alarm
– Strobe Light
– Spare Tire
– Decals & Decal Wraps
– Customization
– Bear Proofing

Pro-Gravity Recycling Trailer

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