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The Pots to Planks program makes your garden just a little bit greener!

The Pots to Planks program, started by the Missouri Botanical Garden and now managed by Earth Co. and St. Louis Green, transforms used horticultural plastic pots (think planters, trays, and containers) to durable landscapte timbers, which you can use for raised beds, retaining walls, and edging.

The finished landscape timbers (pictured above) measure 6 x 6 inch x 8 feet long and 6 X 6 inch X 4 feet long, and are being sold to demonstrate the benefit of recycling and to show the use of new products made from horticultural plastics that are otherwise discarded into landfills.
The Pots to Planks Program produces landscape timbers locally in partnership with FRC Recycling, Missouri Botanical Garden, and EarthCo, Inc.

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